SlimQuick Drink mix packets

SlimQuick Drink mix

20 packets
1 Bottle - $17.99
2+ Bottles - $16.99 (per item)

SlimQuick Mixed Berries Drink Reviews

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Is Working For Me! Rating - ExellentExellent

I have been taking the product 5 days now and have lost 4 lbs! Drinking the powder with 2 cups of water helps curb my appetite. I am no longer snacking and no more night time eating (my biggest problem). I am doing moderate exercise every other day. So far, so good!

Mom of 3 (Illinois)

It works for me , Rating - Very Good Very Good

I am now addicted to this berry drink! When I first drank it, my mood became more happy and positive, I had lots of energy, which enabled me to get out and do some exercise.

No heart racing either. Now I drink it before I exercise and almost every day with my daily water intake. Can be watered down to reduce the energy level - great to wake up in the a.m. instead of coffee. Can't say better things about it!

Trisha (CA)

like it, Rating - ExellentExellent

i bought a box of the powder 3wks ago. i like it. it does what it says. i havent lost pds on it but my water weight is gone and my skin looks smoother with no dimmples. i feel skinny on it and my cloths are hanging off of me. i probley have lost in. but i havent measured yet. im 152 and my goal is 145. when i take it im down to 150 and when i dont 152 ( water weight).

i dont like the slimequick extream didnt work. no energy and still hungry. im about to buy my 2nd box of the powder. the slimquick extream i want to send back.

Luisa (NY