SlimQuick cleanse

SlimQuick cleanse

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SlimQuick Cleanse Reviews

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Great! Rating - ExellentExellent

I've just started yesterday and it's already starting to work! No discomfort what-so-ever. Really hoping after the 7 day cleanse that I will be happy with the overall results - then I'll be starting with slimquick extreme. Thanks!

Sheri (IL)

New to program, Rating - Very Good Very Good

I decided to give this product a try to jumpstart my diet. Though it was a bit difficult to give up some of the foods, it actually stopped my late night eating. It definatly cleansed the body, however, I experienced pretty sharp pains every morning telling me it was time to go to the bathroom. Not only did I lose 13lbs in th 7 days, but it also dramaticly helped my complection.

Mark P.
Saskatoon, SK, Canada

IT WORKS!!! Easy plan to follow! Rating - ExellentExellent

I bought this after a doctors appointment put my weight into perspective. I wanted something that was going to jump start me into healthy eating. It's a no brainer, there is a one week diet and an exercise program inside the with the bottle. Take the pills before lunch and at bedtime.

I felt great and better as each day came. I stayed off the scale until the end of one week. I LOST 5 lbs!!! I have nothing but health food in my house now and a simple exercise program to follow, with the slimquick program I feel I will be back to healthy and fit in no time. Side effect: thirsty, make sure you drink plenty of water; on the sixth day I experience several soft stools.

Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Does what it says. Rating - Very Good Very Good

I tried this product and immediately it started to work. There were no side effects, I felt less hungry and it cleaned out my system just like it said. In just the one week of taking this product, I lost a few pounds [although that was not my goal, but it was a super plus]. I would recommend this product.

Jamie (Boston, MA)