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Category: Alternative Medicine

Melilea Greenfield Organic - Longevity through the organic lifestyle. Your food is your best medicine. Most people do not live up to 100 years of age because man consumes too much chemically-derived food. Discover the principles behind organic food and organic lifestyle.
Great alternative medicine info, links and directory. - The place to find great info, links and a large global directory regarding alternative medicine.
Rheumatoid Arthritis, stop pain and inflammation the natural way. - Rheumatoid Arthritis can negatively impact your way of life. Reclaim your quality of life safely with natural arthritis medication.
Health kinesiology - Information and advice about using health kinesiology to improve your wellbeing
"Forbidden Herbs and Natural Healing"...Exposed! - Optimal health “attraction”…how to use it and make it work, plus the greatest robust health secrets of all time with the magic power of natural healing and so much more!
Cures and information about psoriasis - Learn how to cure psoriasis and relieve the symptoms
Hayfever cures and relief - Learn how to cure hayfever and deal with pollen to stop you sneezing
Healing Power Meditations - Meditations for Cancer Recovery, Cardiac Relaxation, and Rehabilitation- for pain reduction and relaxation, are available in CD and cassette format. Meditations contain guided imagery, progressive relaxation, breathe work, illness specific images, po
Natural Cures that WORK ! Get Away from the Drugs !!! - Natural Cures that WORK ! Cancer, heartburn, asthma, etc. Some truley amazing Natural Cures that do not have the dangerous side affects of prescription and over the counter drugs. Tried and Tested, these Absolutley WORK ! Save Your Life f
Chiropractor Search - Searching for a chiropractor? Come and find one here.

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